Virtual Thursday – July 23

This second Virtual Thursday episode will feature the GLFM Chamber Camp program, and will include camp director Andy Armstrong, as well as other faculty and former students. The video will be visible starting on July 23 at 7 p.m., and will remain up through the end of September.


Pictured below are camp faculty members Karl Stobbe, Gabriela Diaz, Ayane Kozasa, Andy Armstrong, Salley Koo, and Blair Lofgren.

We’ll be hosting a free Zoom reception with the artists after the Virtual Thursday presentation. Pre-registration is required. CLICK HERE to register. Once you complete the form, you’ll receive a receipt, but more importantly, you’ll receive an email containing the link you need in order to attend the reception. We ask that you register before 7 pm on the night of the 23rd, but sooner is even better, as we are limited to 100 Zoom participants.

The GLFM Chamber Camp program is normally supported by generous donations from many donors. This year is a little different, since we had to cancel the camp and subsequently did not do a fund drive specifically for the camp program, but we still received a few donations before that decision was made. We thank Mary Jane Bumby, Ron & Angela Korbitz, Phyllis Morrison, Liz Ringstad, and Severin & Elaine Swanson for their generous support of the chamber camp program, which will come to you this year in the form of this video production!