Composer Residency with Morten Lauridsen

2021 Information!

Spend four days at Ripon College, near beautiful Green Lake, WI, singing the music of Morten Lauridsen with conductor John C. Hughes. Stay tuned for more information about the program, places to stay and eat, repertoire, and where to order your music. In the event of Cancellation due to Covid, registration will be refunded. However, we will not be able to reimburse for other costs incurred.


  • College-aged singers and above are welcome. Cost is $100; participants are also responsible for¬†Accommodations,¬†Dining, and the purchase of your own music (approximately $40).
  • Please thoroughly prepare music ahead of the event. Music and purchase instructions coming soon.
  • Bring a black choir binder or black 3-ring binder for your music.
  • Performance attire: White top with black bottoms and black shoes.