Board of Directors 

Consisting of individuals committed to the Mission, Vision and Programs of the Green Lake Festival of Music, the Festival Board has provided governance for the organization since it was established in 1979. The current Board includes members from diverse backgrounds in the business, education, legal, scientific and medical professions.

Together they serve as representatives of the community to ensure the artistic, administrative, and financial integrity of the Festival. They meet four times annually as a Board and, in addition to financial support, provide many hours of volunteer service in the planning and presentation of Festival activities and events.

Board of Directors
  • Bridget Sheridan, Acting President
  • Lloyd Hughes, President-Elect
  • Norm Loomer, Treasurer
  • Sylvia Richards, Historian and Corresponding Secretary
  • Mary Lofgren, Executive Committee-at-Large
  • John Chapman, Immediate Past President
  • Hilary Haskell
  • James Manske
  • Justus Paul
  • Virginia Pollock
  • John Roesch
  • Randy Zieth

Honorary Board of Directors

  • Thomas Gnewuch
  • Gladys Veidemanis
Associate Board of Directors
  • Jeff Bumby
  • Samantha George
  • James Grine
  • Lynn Grout-Paul
  • Sam Handley
  • Nancy Herman
  • Robert House
  • Magda Krance
  • Amanda Majeski
  • Larry Miller
  • Jane Lofgren Pearsall
  • Nancy Penn
  • Steve Sorenson